Home Is Where Your Mom Is – Handmade Cards for Mothers Day

Home Is Where Your Mom Is – Handmade Cards for Mothers Day

This cute little Mother’s Day quote I’ve seen pop up the past few weeks could not be more true for me!

My husband jokes that I am “obsessed” with my mom – we talk multiple times throughout the day and she is someone we love to hang out with on the weekends.

The teasing dates back to my childhood when I would cry if she forgot to wave to me as she drove off for work. Right on up to the college years when she would show up at my dorm if I was really sick with food and medicine.

Last year the complete unexpected happened, after three years living in Boston post grad school, opportunity presented itself and my hubsand (at the time fiancé) and I left the city (gasp!) and purchased a home in the quaint suburban neighborhood I grew up in… only 2 blocks from Mom and Dad!

When the hubby teases me now that it’s my “dream come true” he couldn’t be more right. I love the relationship I have with my Mom and I cannot wait to celebrate her and all the Moms in my life this weekend!

What I love so much about calligraphy is that it lets me customize the perfect sentiments for every occasion and this weekend was no different.

I just picked up a pack of Paper Source cards in a Mom-esque color

Paper Source Cards

Painted on some Finetec gold palette

Finetec Gold Paint Palette

Used my Hunt extra fine 513 nib to calligraph notes for all the  lovely Mamas I know and love!

Mothers Day Cards Calligraphy

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